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Radio over IP gateways/adapters that are SIP compliant enable the connected radio system to interact with a broader range of corporate communications mediums, without worrying about proprietary technology. In such an organization, subscribers on handheld portables or vehicle mounted radios can communicate with people who are not normally connected to the radio network. As an example, calls can be made between radio users and office staff with SIP compliant telephones. More recently, there has been a proliferation of soft-phones that are also SIP compliant.  Applications where this level of unified communications eliminates the need for office staff to be desk bound and dramatically increases productivity.
Radio over IP devices that are SIP enabled provide greater flexibility within radio networks because SIP makes it possible to structure these networks so that they can be re-configured dynamically. This applies to both user calls and inter-site links. For example, radio calls can be made to specific destinations, on demand. This brings efficiency to a network from both the IP and radio traffic viewpoints. SIP also allows links between radio sites to be managed such that link paths can be re-configured to meet specific operating needs.

Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP

Radio Over Internet Protocol RoIP